Dear Inner Ear Headphone Guy

….I can hear your music. It’s really loud. Me and the 4 other people around you aren’t staring at you cause we think your fake diamond earrings are kinda cool. Yea that new Timbaland song is kinda catchy but it’s 7:45 in the morning and well I’m trying to read the WSJ and the woman to my right was sleeping until you came on the train. Man you are totally feeling the beat right now, huge adrenaline rush I bet. No none of us are going to approach you and tell you your headphones are too loud, we are all far too passive aggressive for that. You must take the hint from these awkwardly long stares we are giving you.

     Here’s a simple test to prevent you from being a douche bag with your headphones on too loud. Turn your iPod on before you slap those Swarovski crystal laced ear buds into your ears, and listen for how loud it is. Chances are if you can hear the song well from 3 feet from your face, then so can 10 other people around you. Asshole