Doctor Office ideas

Doctor’s waiting rooms have so much potential for some sort of product to be placed in there to occupy peoples time while they wait for sometimes hours at a time to see a doctor. I went to a dermatologist about 6 months ago that actually had 3 computers setup for people to use while you waited, but I don’t see that working in a place where people are actually sick and spreading germs. This was one of those posh dermatologists who really just wants you to come in for some cosmetic work and not cause you have some strange mole on you that looks like its smiling at you. People are often left to sitting there watching a tv on mute, or reading scientific America’s latest article on how the polar bears are causing the ice caps to melt (this may not have been the exact subject).

It seems like the Doctor’s office is a prime place for some sort of marketing product to be placed, could be something that involves interacting with other patients waiting or just on an individual basis. I see people fidgeting with their blackberrys bored out of their mind and trying to text anyone who will respond.

I think for city environments Doctor offices should implement some sort of buzzer system like restaurants have to let you know that your table is ready. You sign in, get your buzzer, and you can walk around within a 5 block radius , if you aren’t too ill, and not be cramped up in a small room reading about polar bears causing global warming. This would reduce the amount of people going up to the poor receptionist asking when they will be seen by the doctor and lead to less anxiety in the waiting room for patients.

Another enhancement that I think ALL Doctor’s should get together and sort out are some universal fucking new patient forms. It’s so mind numbing having to fill out the same shit anytime you goto a new Dr but often repeating that information multiple times on different forms (How many times do you need my insurance information and home address?) I should be able to go into any Dr office with my universal forms already filled out, hand them to the receptionist and maybe only fill out one form as to why I’m seeing the Dr there today (Not like ANY Dr ever reads this btw). The forms would include all my insurance information, my health history, any allergies, medications I’m on and any other revelant information that every Dr office in the world asks for but uses a different form.