Guest Rant – Leaners

What’s the deal with the leaner’s on the subways? You know who I mean, the dude who can’t be bothered to hold on the support poll, instead he has to lean against it. In order to hold on and keep yourself from falling all over the place, you have to wedge your fingers in between the poll and his sweaty back.

I understand sometimes we all don’t want to stand on the subway. I also understand that those polls can be nasty and sticky and the last thing you want to do is touch them with you hand. But come on! I am 5’4″ tall when lying down flat, I can’t hold on to the ceiling or the horizontal support poles that are up high, which leaves the poll you, in all your laziness, are lounging against.

I choose to be as obnoxious as possible when dealing with the leaner. I shove my fingers into the fat of their back as I make a grab for the poll. Then I try to make my hand stick out as much as possible to make it clear that I am holding on here. When I get home, I go boil my hand.