Jew on Easter

This is an actual conversation with a linksys tech support person I had today while trying to get a download link to upgrade my girlfriends wireless router. Yes yes I know I can put OpenWRT on it but I didn’t want to bother….

Fritz S. (29829): Hi, my name is Fritz S. (29829). How may I help you?
justin: I cant get to your downloads paghe
justin: to upgrade my firmware
justin: It asks to pick a region and says url data is still loading and has me hit back
Fritz S. (29829): Can you please confirm the model number of your Linksys product?
justin: wrt54g
justin: ver 2.0
Fritz S. (29829): How about the version number?
justin: 2
Fritz S. (29829): Thank you.
Fritz S. (29829): I will send you instead the link on where you may download the firmware.
justin: ok thank you
Fritz S. (29829): You are very welcome, by the way, Happy Easter!

justin: i’m jewish
Fritz S. (29829): Oh, I am so sorry.
Fritz S. (29829): I am so sorry for the delay.
justin: its ok
Fritz S. (29829): Thanks.

/me goes and celebrates Purim now