Python pip on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

Lately I’ve been reading up on Django a bit in an effort to get back into programming.  It seems the preferred way of running Django is inside a virtualenv environment.  I try to stick to packages when possible for installing applications and saw that the python-virtualenv package wasn’t too far behind at version 1.4.5, where the latest is at 1.5.1.  This appeared at first to suit me just fine until I discovered the version of pip that gets installed along with python-virtualenv is at 0.3.1, where the latest is at 0.8.1.  The version of pip installed is so old that it doesn’t have support for the “uninstall” command yet, blech.  Luckily you can do the following from within pip to upgrade itself

sudo pip install --upgrade pip

Now back to reading about setting up a virtualenv environment