Rush Hour Escalator Respect

You have 5 minutes to make your train. You are about to enter Penn Station and you are presented with the stairs on one side and 2 escalators going down on the other. Which is faster?

Optimal solution:
The left hand side of the escalator , when sane people are riding it, is reserved for those who choose to maximize the escalator by walking down it. You fly down that sucker , lickity split, no shit. Blowing past people on the stairs, you scurry off and make your train.

You make the decision to go down the escalator. See a great lane to walk down on the unofficial passing lane of the escalator. Actually it’s more like official cause I’m pretty sure that woman’s voice coming from the escalator has a little blurb about not being a douche and letting people walk by. Anyway, you hop on that bad boy and a jackass 3 people in front of you decides they are going to talk to their friend Margaret and sip on their frappachino on this enjoyable rush hour evening. Plans are crushed right than and there cause Billy the investment banker(person behind frap drinker) doesn’t have the courage to just say “Excuse me” or maybe he just wants to enjoy the free ride. How can you possibly just sit there staring at a whole empty lane in front of you and not think to yourself, “maybe there is some people behind me who want to walk down.” It’s the equivalent of driving 40 mph,on a 2 way highway ,in the left lane, and not having the common sense to move the fuck over.
Yea escalators were made for “standing”, fuck you this is NYC I say! People are pissed here when their Big Mac’s don’t arrive in 30 seconds and I start getting antsy when the waiter hasn’t given me my check within 2 minutes of finishing my last bite.