Sound pollution

I must finally reveal to the world my secret for the solution to help curb NYC sound pollution and hope someone out there somehow finds a way to get this done. The solution… ::drumroll:: is to track taxi cab horn usage and impose fines based on excessive horn use. I know , I know I’m a genius , stop it, please. In my ignorant mind about cars, it seems simple enough to create a device that would activate anytime the horn is pushed, record the datetime, and record the duration of the honk. You can give the taxis some sort of quota for honk time, maybe even impose a point system based on the time of day?

Right now I’d say a majority of the time (just based on my own personal experience) that a taxi uses it’s horn, its either excessive or just serves no purpose but to release anger. I know the horn is primarily a safety device to warn of impending danger and get another drivers attention but when I have to hear a taxi driver hold onto his horn for 20 seconds at a time outside my window, it makes me want to setup a sniper rifle and take them out one a time (joking ECHELON). NYC would benefit from some extra cash from all the crazy cabbies and neighborhoods will all be a little more quieter. So someone please do this and give me credit, thanks.